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Demonstration and investigation sections

Innovative road constructions that have been developed in the course of the “Roads in the 21st Century” research programme and by partners in industry are currently being tested in projects. In addition, open stretches for conducting trials and tests and demonstrating new technologies can be assigned on request.

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Ongoing Investigation

Cold recycling

Cold recycling offers the possibility to use up to 100 percent of reclaimed asphalt. more ...: Cold recycling …

The photo shows the compaction of the cold recycled layer (refer to: Cold recycling)

Precast concrete parts

Precast concrete parts have various benefits: high quality due to prefabricated manufacturing, possible multifunctionality and they can largely be installed irrespective of the weather. more ...: Precast concrete parts …

The photo shows the installation of a precast concrete part (refer to: Precast concrete parts)

Relaxed hybrid

In lower load classes, the concrete surface can be covered with asphalt depending on its structural condition. more ...: Relaxed hybrid …

The photo shows the Impactor in use: relaxation of the  concrete  (refer to: Relaxed hybrid)

Smart Bridge

Sensor based, modular system to record and holistically assess relevant information on changes in impact and resistance in real time. more ...: Smart Bridge …

Das Foto zeigt eine Brücke (refer to: Smart Bridge)

Temperature-controlled road

The limitation of the surface temperature shall improve road safety and extend the lifetime of roads. more ...: Temperature-controlled road …

Principle of the temperature-controlled road (refer to: Temperature-controlled road)

Completed Investigation


The self-healing effect of the asphalt is supported by integrated conductive components and induction energy, to expand the technologies of maintenance. more ...: HEALROAD …

The picture shows constructions works (refer to: HEALROAD)


In the project precast concrete elements for the rehabilitation and upgrading of urban traffic areas were developed, theoretically investigated and tested in construction practice. more ...: HESTER …

The picture shows constructions works (refer to: HESTER)


New materials and innovative production and installation technologies for a road surface system. more ...: Inno-Pave …

Das Foto zeigt den Einbau Texturschicht  (refer to: Inno-Pave)

Professional sealing of drill core extraction points

Which process and which backfill materials are suitable for permanently and durably sealing drill core extraction points? more ...: Professional sealing of drill core extraction points …

The photo shows a core extraction point (refer to: Professional sealing of drill core extraction points)


Demonstrating the application of an optimised type of paver screed. more ...: OBAS …

The picture shows constructions works (refer to: OBAS)


The high void content of porous asphalt surface layers results in good acoustic effectiveness. more ...: OPA …

The picture shows open porous asphalt (refer to: OPA)

Open porous concrete

The aim of the project is to develop an open porous concrete as a noise-reducing road surface. more ...: Open porous concrete …

The picture shows constructions works (refer to: Open porous concrete)


In the project it shall be examined how roads can be used as an energy source. Is it possible to gain electricity from roads in summer? more ...: SEDa …

The picture shows constructions works (refer to: SEDa)


SNOWLESS is the only real-time, reactive energy efficient snow removal solution for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement structure, also enabling low temperature cracking prevention and frost protection. more ...: SNOWLESS …

Logo SNOWLESS (refer to: SNOWLESS)