Federal Highway Research Institute

Ongoing Investigations

Cold recycling

Cold recycling offers the possibility to use up to 100 percent of reclaimed asphalt. more ...: Cold recycling …

The photo shows the compaction of the cold recycled layer (refer to: Cold recycling)

Precast concrete parts

Precast concrete parts have various benefits: high quality due to prefabricated manufacturing, possible multifunctionality and they can largely be installed irrespective of the weather. more ...: Precast concrete parts …

The photo shows the installation of a precast concrete part (refer to: Precast concrete parts)

Relaxed hybrid

In lower load classes, the concrete surface can be covered with asphalt depending on its structural condition. more ...: Relaxed hybrid …

The photo shows the Impactor in use: relaxation of the  concrete  (refer to: Relaxed hybrid)

Smart Bridge

Sensor based, modular system to record and holistically assess relevant information on changes in impact and resistance in real time. more ...: Smart Bridge …

Das Foto zeigt eine Brücke (refer to: Smart Bridge)

Temperature-controlled road

The limitation of the surface temperature shall improve road safety and extend the lifetime of roads. more ...: Temperature-controlled road …

Principle of the temperature-controlled road (refer to: Temperature-controlled road)